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Season 7 of the Forza Masters!

Mon Jun 21, 2021 12:33 pm by GTDon2

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Welcome to Season 7 of the Forza Masters series starting Saturday July 24th, 7:00pm EST!

It is our great pleasure to continue offering you, the Forza expert, a venue to demonstrate your Forza mastery of building, tuning, and driving cars.  The Forza Masters series is designed to test all aspects of your Forza knowledge and expertise.  Whether you are an open build high P.I. guy, or a Spec build low P.I. guy, or something in between, this series will offer you a chance to shine in your preferred discipline at some point during the season.

With our continuing focus on Bronze level drivers and entry-level drivers, they will again receive per the rules a slightly superior car build in every format we run.  If you know any slower drivers out there who would like to race but sometimes feel way too outgunned and intimidated by faster drivers, this is the place for them.  Not only do we guarantee a superior build our Builder Bonus program ensures they will have the best possible tune each round.  All they have to do is download one of many expert-level tunes, and drive. Invite them to our practice races on Wed nights at 9:00pm EST.

We open the season on Saturday July 24th 7:00pm EST with a format everyone has enjoyed in the past, the IROC Spec format at Daytona Speedway. This is the "International Race Of Champions" otherwise known as "IROC" racing.  That's right, we will be going to the Daytona Super Speedway in IROC cars, without restrictor plates!  None of this boring droning around follow the leader stuff at 190mph.  Nope, we will do what NASCAR won't do, and be blasting around the track at 230mph!  Crazy sketchy! Bronze drivers will have the more stable wider tire car, and the Silver drivers, well, they won't!  Both cars run the same lap times but the Silver car is a lot hairier.

This will be an on track team points event.  Unlike our regular relay format, both drivers will be on the track at the same time using 2002 Pontiac Trans Am WS6's during the whole race.  Your combined finishing order points will be added together and divided by 2.  You'll need to partner up with someone for this format.

Rnd 2 is on Saturday July 31st 7:00pm EST, is a new format we call, "Cops and Robbers." This too is a Spec format. The track will be VIR Grand West.

The format works like this:  The pole-sitter is rewarded with becoming the "cop" and is issued a Ford Crown Vic "cop car" with a full pursuit package.  He gets his pole 1pt bonus but starts at the back of the grid.  The "robbers" are everyone else in a nearly stock 1969 Dodge Hemi Charger.  For every robber the cop catches/passes, the cop earns a quarter-point bonus.  This means the cop doesn't have to win the race to win more points than the robbers.

Our 3rd  round on Saturday Aug 7th 7:00pm EST, consists of an Open build format not with cars, and not with trucks, but with SUV's!  Many have asked to give the high performance SUV's their due and so we shall.  The track will be Sebring Club which makes it a no pit sprint race.

The finale 4th round event is a true Spec format on Saturday Aug 14th 7:00pm EST. We will utilize a full-on Porsche Cup Race Car at Spa.  The car will be the 2011 Porsche #45 Flying Lizard 911 GT3 RSR.

1. July 24th Daytona Speedway, "IROC race" 2002 Pontiac Trans Am WS6 (2 pit stop Spec race)

2. July 31st VIR Grand West, "Cops and Robbers" Ford Crown Vic and 1969 Dodge Charger (2 pit stop Spec race)

3. Aug 7th Sebring Club, "King of the SUVs" (no pit stop sprint Open race)

4. Aug 14th Spa, "Porsche Cup race"  2011 Porsche #45 Flying Lizard 911 GT3 RSR (2 pit stop Spec race)

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Season 6 of the Forza Masters!

Wed Jun 02, 2021 10:08 am by GTDon2

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Welcome to Season 6 of our popular Forza Masters series.  

Just one in a long line of fun formats to help tide everyone over until Forza 8 hits the market.  When Forza 8 does hit, the IFCA will be placed on hold for a time afterward so that everyone gets a chance to get a feel for the new sim.

For now, it's all about your Forza 7 knowledge and challenging not just your driving skill but also your tuning and build skill as well.  So don't be too surprised at the car and track selection this season as it is intended to be a real test of your Forza skill and mastery.

This season we are dividing it into two formats while incorporating no pit sprint races.  There will be two Spec races and two Open races.  One Spec race will be a sprint race and one Open race will also be a sprint race. 

Our idea was that in order to be fair to everyone we should include different standard formats.  Certain formats can be advantageous to a certain kind of driver is the point.  To minimize this we are going to offer up more than one format per season.  In this way not only are we challenging you with the cars and tracks but also with the format for a complete test of your Forza mastery, and one that is not limited to one kind of driver who only likes one way of racing.

Beyond this, our emphasis has been and continues to be on improving the Bronze level driver's competitiveness.  This season we are encouraging everyone to share their best Bronze builds to help the Bronze level drivers get up to speed.  We think that by sparing them the time it takes to build and tune, more of their time can be used turning laps which is where they will gain the most from.  In so doing builders/tuners can pick up a bonus point each race IF a Bronze level driver cracks the top 8 in the race with their build.

On a side note, veteran members ZHP 2004 and STAFFY9000 have decided to run an off-season event on the Saturdays between IFCA Forza Masters seasons.  This would be a non-rated JFF event with skill-based P.I. designations for each driver. details here: 

Season 6 details here: 


1. June 12th - COTA East (no pit stop sprint Spec race) 48laps

2. June 19th - Indy Oval (2 pit stop Spec race) 55laps

3. June 26th - Suzuka West (no pit stop sprint Open race) 18laps

4. July 10th - Daytona Night (2 pit stop Open race) 31laps

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Season 5 of the Forza Masters!

Wed May 05, 2021 9:28 am by GTDon2

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Season 5 of the Forza Masters!

That's right, time to once again see who will become a bonified Forza Master.  A series built around the idea that everyone has had ample time to hone their Forza skills to the point of mastery and then to put that mastery to the test.  Whether you are an expert tuner, builder, or driver, you will need to be great at all three to claim your title just as 2 time winners RIOT ChevyPower and ZHP 2004 have done already.

New for this season is a greater emphasis on practice lap times.  Instead of only gaining a half-point bonus for being in the top 8, you will gain a full point!  And, the fastest practice lap time/track lap record holder will earn an extra half point for being #1.  There will still be an extra bonus point for breaking the lap record in race as well as fastest race lap bonus and pole bonus.

For Season 5, the same rule continues, any driver who hasn't raced 2 of the 4 races will not be permitted to race in the final 4th race.  In addition, those drivers who race in all 4 races will get a 4 point bonus at the end of the season.  AND, drivers who are eligible to race in the final will get another 5 point bonus if they finish the race.

Also, don't forget to take advantage of the recruiting bonus.  Recruit a new driver into the first round and earn a bonus point!  If he makes it into the final, gain an additional bonus point!

Season 5 Schedule
May 8th Sport Touring S-Class - Brands Hatch GP - S715/A700
May 15th Sport Compact B-Class - Mugello Club -B595/B580
May 22nd Classic Street Muscle B-Class - Homestead Oval - B570/B555
May 29th Hot Hatch Icons C-Class - VIR South -C490/C475

More details here:

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