IFCA Triple Crown June 13th!

Fri Apr 10, 2020 11:41 am by GTDon2

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Lest you forget, there is a very special one-off event coming in June, the "IFCA Triple Crown Endurance Relay!"  Technically, qualifying to enter the event is now open.  The qualifying track and season opener is Daytona.

Some of the unique features of this event are that it requires 3 drivers, is 3hrs long, and is only held at 3 tracks. The first track is Daytona June 13th, the second track is Sebring June 20th, and the final track is at LeMans (old) June 27th.

1.) There are only 8 fully tuneable cars to choose from representing the pinnacle of endurance racing in the same time period that Trans-Am racing was at its peak. These are the fastest cars of their day from the Can-Am series and the FIA Endurance series.

2.) Each driver must take one leg of the 3hr race and do two pit stops before handing off to the next driver in relay fashion.  This means that each driver will be driving for 1hr before doing a driver exchange.

3.) Each team must have at least 1 Factory rated driver.

4.) The field is limited to the top 8 three-man teams.

5.) Just as with our regular relay format you can use any of the 8 cars to get into the event at Daytona.

6.) Qualifying to get into the event will be based on the entire team average.

7.) You will get only 1 chance to qualify using our standard practice of 4laps if there are more than 8 teams.

8.) Grid position for each race will be based on the entire team's IFCA ratings average.

9.) All drivers must remain in the same car once the season begins for all three races.

10.) Bonus points will be awarded for fastest clean race lap, track lap record if achieved in race, and top 7 practice laps.

11.) Due to the narrow BoP of these cars, no Factory build can be offered.  All drivers will be in the same build.

If you are looking for something a little longer, a little faster, and a whole lot more challenging then this is the event for you and your friends!

leaderboard page:

Car build sheets here:

166 Chaparral 2E
269 Lola T163
369 McLaren M8B
471 Ferrari 312 P
569 Lola T70 MkIIB
666 Ford GT40 Mk II
767 Ferrari 330 P4
863 Shelby Monaco

Tracks of the "IFCA Triple Crown" raced on 3 Saturdays in June starting at 7pm EST

1.Daytona 24hr     June 13th, 36laps x 3 drivers  + 2 pit stops per driver
2.Sebring              June 20th, 30laps x 3 drivers  + 2 pit stops per driver
3.LeMans (old)     June 27th, 15laps x 3 drivers  + 2 pit stops per

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Season 9 April 11th and beyond!

Mon Mar 02, 2020 10:43 am by GTDon2

Yes, it's true, time to start thinking about Season 9 already, and beyond!  

Season 9 begins April 11th Saturday 7pm EST.  In response to the many who have begged for fully tuneable muscle cars we are glad to introduce a brand new group of cars from the Australian "Touring Car Masters."  These are maximized muscle cars that are wildly popular Down Under.  As such our versions of the cars will be much the same i.e. fully tuneable with downforce and around 600hp.  There are 15 equally tested cars to pick from, all of which do race in the real series.  

Because the TCM series is more internationally biased we will be going to some new tracks that the IFCA Relay Challenge has never been before such as Monza, Suzuka and Nurburg GP.  The only new rule change will be in regards to grid qualifying.  

Looking over the qualifying results of the past year we see a consistent pattern where the fastest drivers as indicated by their IFCA rating always qualify at the front.  That is, there is a direct correlation between your rating and your qualifying position.  This is not surprising given the accuracy of the IFCA ratings.  However, what it says is that grid qualifying tends to be a foregone conclusion and is therefore somewhat a waste of time.  We can save 15-20min by pre-setting the grid based on IFCA rating.  This saved time means we can extend the racing and drop the green flag on time.  It also acts to value your IFCA rating more so people take greater care to preserve their highest possible rating.  It will also deter any attempts to sandbag a rating.  Basically this is a, 'win-win-win-win.' Allows more time to race, race starts on time, places greater value on your rating, prevents sandbagging. 

Here's how it will work: The grid will be set according to the highest rated driver of each team.  If both teammates are unrated, then they will need to race in our Support race on Wed nights at 9pm EST to gain a rating. The cut off for a change of rating will be on Wed nights each week.  Need more rating points? Then you will want to show up for our Support race on Wed nights.  Also, we will continue to offer 1/2 point participation bonuses for racing on Wed nights to each team driver.

To get into Season 9 you and your teammate do still have to qualify to get in the limited 12 team field.  Your times are added together and divided by 2 to get your team average.  You each get two 4lap attempts at the opening round track which is Nurburgring GP. Qualifying to get into Season 9 will open Saturday, March 21st.

All current rules will continue into Season 9.  You are allowed to use any car to qualify with, even if it isn't your team's season car.  You will be allowed to change out your car one time after the 3rd race.  The final is a straight-up no driver exchange race with double points, and you are allowed to use any car independent of your teammate.  There is still the matching livery bonus. 1/2 point at the start of the season and 1/2 point for the final.

Season 9 TCM build sheets are here:

Season 9 is a wrap on Saturday, May 23rd after which we will be preparing for our special 3hr endurance event starting Saturday, June 13th 7pm EST.  This special endurance event is a one-off event utilizing teams of 3 drivers each, one of which must be a driver with the rating of 1949.999 or below.  That's right, each team must carry a Factory level driver to compete.  This means the field will be limited to 8 teams of 3 drivers.  

We are calling this event the "IFCA Triple Crown."  We will be using the top of the performance heap of the period in keeping with the IFCA Trans-Am theme.  These are the endurance racers of the 1960s-70s.  A mixture of FIA and SCCA endurance legends. Cars that in many ways and for a brief period were faster and more advanced than even Formula 1 at the time.  

The tracks of the Triple Crown of endurance racing are Daytona, Sebring, and LeMans.  Expect more details in the coming weeks as we continue to test the cars.

Beyond the IFCA Triple Crown, we will probably run one last Relay Challenge season which would be Season 10 in July or August depending on news of Forza 8's release date.

So, we have a lot to look forward to before Forza 8 arrives and everything changes.  So far, we have a viable, fun, fair, and exciting format. The set of parameters we work with produce the kind of racing that is all but impossible to find anywhere else in any league.  And this is something to be proud of because it is largely based on you, the IFCA driver, for how we arrived here.


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Season 8 Feb 15th!

Tue Jan 14, 2020 12:19 pm by GTDon2

IFCA -  International Forza Club Association - Portal 2011-Touring-Car-Masters-MCM-Dirk-Klynsmith-Photography

Yes, it's that time again, time to begin to seriously look forward to the next season of the ever-popular "IFCA Trans-Am Relay Challenge" series!  

Season 8, Feb 15th, is right around the corner already!  Qualifying to get into this fun series will officially open to all teams on January 31st.

The cars will be the 1960s-70s Trans-Am class.  There are 52 cars to consider which include for the first time the Australian cars of the same era.  These right-hand drive cars are from the ATCC (Australian Touring Car Championship) which is Australia's version of the American SCCA Trans-Am series.  In fact, the ATCC actually predates Trans-Am.  One could say that the ATCC cars are the seasoned veterans of the sport of production class racing.  The ATCC rules were even less restrictive and more wide open than the SCCA rules making them every bit as fast or faster than their American counterparts. 

In honor of the Australian additions, we will be going Down Under to Bathurst for the first time as our qualifying track.  All the cars have been revised, re-tested and pushed towards an easier driving level with wider tires, less horsepower, and lighter weight.  With the addition of an upgraded sports suspension, the cars are vastly improved in the handling department while still retaining their original feel with minimal tuning burden. 

10 of the 52 cars offered have full racing suspensions primarily to make them easier to drive and more equal in performance.  These would be the smaller under 3.0L class of cars that we felt were just a little too unmanageable in the past.

We've already noticed an uptick in interest for Season 8 no doubt due to the wide selection of classic cars, so it benefits everyone to get an early jump on testing the cars out and discovering which one is going to work best for you at Bathurst.  As always only the fastest 12 teams make it into the season.  You'll get two chances, 4laps each, at Bathurst.

For those who don't make it in or can't race on Saturdays, we do offer you our Support Race for single drivers.  We have moved the Support Race to Wednesday night at 9:00pm EST.  The purpose is to help further equalize the cars and get people used to our format.  The Support Race follows the same schedule as the main event on Saturdays with the same cars and basic 2pits + 1 mandatory pit sequence but without any driver exchanges.  This is not a team event or a series with series points at stake.  However, it is an IFCA rated event and is limited to the first 24 drivers who show up.

Car builds Here:

Updated explanation of the relay format is here:

Good luck!

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