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IFCA Endurance Championship! May 4th

Sat Apr 06, 2024 11:49 am by IFCA GTDon

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Back by popular demand, the IFCA brings you endurance racing like only the IFCA can for Season 3!  Not even T10 has figured out how to allow drivers to share the driving duties as is done in real endurance racing.  

Well, here at the IFCA we have long since formulated a way for you and your teammate to take turns driving the same car.  That's right, through a sequence of successive pit stops of equal number, you and a buddy can act as a relay team and do a 2 hour race together, and finish the race on the same lap!

The cool twist is that teammates do not have to drive the exact same car, they only need to be in the same class.  Also, each round, drivers are permitted to switch out their cars so that you are not stuck in one car the whole season.  This flexibility enables drivers to maximize their performance each round independently of their teammate. For example, maybe you and your teammate don't like the same car, and you prefer a different car to what he likes, great, you can pick a different car!  Or, maybe the car you picked for the first round is not a car you would want to use for the second round, no problem, pick what you think will work better for the second round too!

As you can see, it really opens things up so that no one has to be forced to drive what they don't like, or what doesn't work for them.  The only thing that has to be the same is your livery.

This will be a multi-class event utilizing 2 classes too.  Each class has room for 6 two man teams.  Teams must qualify to claim a spot for the season using their best combined average practice lap times on Rivals or elsewhere, @ Road America.

GTP (P-Class)
1.) 2023 Cadillac #01 Cadillac Racing V-Series R
2.) 2010 Chevrolet #55 Level 5 Motorsports Oreca FLM09
3.) 1999 BMW #15 Motorsport V12 LMR
4.) 1985 Nissan #83 GTP ZX-Turbo

TA (R-Class)
1.) 2020 Chevrolet #3 Corvette Racing C8.R
2.) 2019 Dodge #9 American Road Racing TA Challenger
3.) 2018 Chevrolet #23 Ruman Racing TA Corvette
4.) 2018 Ford #98 Breathless Pro Racing TA Mustang

5.) 2018 Cadillac #57 TA CTS-V

Road America  May 4th
Watkins Glen full May 11th
Daytona 24hr  May 18th
Sebring May 25th
LeMans June 1st

Car builds have been published here:

How the relay system works here:

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IFCA Spec Madness!!!

Sat Feb 10, 2024 10:23 am by IFCA GTDon

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Greetings IFCA Patrons!

In lieu of the numerous glitches, hiccups, and glaring missteps of the latest version of Forza, many leagues have either curtailed their events, or entirely postponed them, until T10 can get their act together.  Things like frequent game crashes, invisible cars, no replays, car leveling, etc., have made league racing nearly impossible.  All of these problems have been less frequent as of late, and with the announcement that T10 made a huge mistake in effect, by doing away with the dreadful car leveling-up system entirely, things are looking up for a change. 

As a result of this, the IFCA has elected to try to minimize these issues through simplification via Spec racing for Season 2. Spec racing in a more real world sense that is.  Meaning that, like in real-life Spec racing, you will have the capability to tune your cars even though everyone will be in the same car build regardless of driver rating. Yep! You heard that right!  

To be clear, the old IFCA numeric ratings are being retired in favor of a newer simpler analogue formula based on finishing order each week. So how then can we maintain performance equality between different driver skill levels you might ask?  By compensating lower rated drivers with higher season points, over higher rated drivers with lower season points, that's how.  In this way you will not need to change out your builds, and you will gain as many season points or more than was possible before. This in turn allows the slower drivers to have a much better shot at winning the championship.

Our new analogue rating scale looks like this each week. Anyone who wins a race jumps up to Pro in points for the next race. Get on the podium and you go to Platinum the next race. Finish a respectable 4th - 9th and you will go Gold.  Average drivers finishing 10th- 14th go Silver.  Bronze is 15th - 19th, and Copper is 20th - 24th

Win = Pro
2-3 = Platinum
4-9 = Gold
10-14 = Silver
15-19 = Bronze
20-24 = Copper

The Season 2 format that was voted for by the IFCA drivers and Team Leaders is the, "Spec Racing Combine."  The format is a Spec based formula combining hot lapping with racing at 2 week intervals.  

To be a part of the weekly hot lap and Saturday's race @ 6pm CST, all you need to do is post a lap time on Rivals.  Your hot lap is your sign up.  The top 24 drivers make the race each week.  Season starts @ Kayalami GP on Saturday Feb 24th, 6pm CST.  All Rivals hot lap times need to be posted by 6pm CST every Friday.

A team championship will still be offered but no one has to be on a team.

Details here:

Our Wed night races @ 8pm CST have changed to a Spec format too!  No longer used as a practice race for Saturdays, the "Spec Miata Maniacs" series will be an ongoing just for fun event using a different track each week.  It is a series largely based on the IMSA MX-5 Cup series using the 1990 Mazda Miata MX-5.  This is a first come first serve venue with a 2lap qualifier right before the 35min race and 1 pit stop.  Details here: https://ifca.forumotion.com/t6902-spec-miata-maniacs-wed-8pm-cst

So there you have it!  New formats, new ratings, new points structure, everyone in the same exact cars, whether you are a hot lapper or racer, the IFCA aims to please! Come join us!  Tell your friends! Form a team!  It's all about Spec racing this season!

Full throttle!
IFCA Staff

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Season 1 IFCA Trans Am Championship!

Fri Dec 01, 2023 3:41 am by IFCA GTDon

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Season 1 IFCA Trans Am Championship!

Saturday Dec 9th 6pm CST

Welcome back race fans and competitors alike!  

We are ready to begin a new era in Forza simulation racing beginning on Saturday Dec 9th 6pm CST!  It marks the first time that the IFCA will use its Practice Leaderboard as the means to set the 2 lobby grid.  In the past we have always had a qualifying session just prior to the race, but with the added logistical gymnastics imposed upon us by the limitations forged by T10 with the new game, we had to think of a better more time efficient method for getting you to your grid position.  This is in part due to the fact that T10 deleted the option to manually set the grid.  In addition to this among the many firsts is that we will have a post-season Wild Card set of races.  Races 7,8, and 9 will be the post-season play, allowing 1 extra team to make the final championship double points round.

There were many other changes and adaptations we've had to use to continue to bring you the kind of fair and balanced racing for all skill levels the IFCA has been known for.  Our prediction was that we would have more than enough new drivers to run 2 lobbies.  And it appears this is now the case. Everyone should read through the very brief season format page to understand what we are doing in order for you to lead your team to victory, here:

The car list and build page for this season is here:

The new updated Driver Ratings page is here:

Our weekly practice lap leaderboard which also acts as our qualifying grid position board for Road America is here:

The season schedule can be found here:

Also a first for the IFCA, is, we are allowing drivers to use any of the 3 cars offered in each 3 segment set of 3 races, regardless of what cars your teammates use.  In the past you were only allowed to use 1 car for the whole season.  We think that this will open things up and allow drivers to be able to drive the cars they would prefer for a given track without having to compromise.

Another new change is the F1 style start we will be using.  It requires everyone to get into position by doing a sighting lap and returning to their correct grid position to start the race.  The green flag drops when your 'total time' clock says 6:00min.

As always, the IFCA is committed to fair, clean, close, and fun racing for all skill levels. Everything we do has these four things at the forefront of every change we implement.  Our motto is, "the only good pass is a clean pass."  The IFCA 'Golden Rule' is, if contact results in someone going off the track, let them regain their lost position. 

It is important that everyone understands that this is a hobby that we do for fun. No one is getting paid or earning prize money to do this in other words.  The prevailing attitude among our veteran drivers is to avoid contact at all cost.  To pretend that your car and your competitors car costs real money to repair.  Real racers are usually on a limited budget of some kind, and the last thing they want or need is to repair damage.  And though we do not run full sim-damage (for the sake of increased fun) you are expected to drive as if hitting anything is going to be paid for out of your own pocket. 

This is not public lobby racing as most of you know.  Most of us are here because we don't want to race like it is a public lobby race.  This suggests a different kind of racing that is hard to come by.  The type of racing that imparts a certain level of good sportsmanship you won't find anywhere else.

It would benefit everyone to read the short IFCA Mission Statement here:

Many thanks to all our IFCA supporters, test drivers, Team Leaders, recruiters, Race Director and IFCA Founders.  People like AAR OneShot, ZAR Eries, Papa creech172, GTDon2, GoSox2000, SirKane2, KislingburyUSA, and most especially our Benevolent Dictator all deserve a round of applause for their timely input and  effort to make this all happen. 

We wish all of our teams the best of luck this season and may the best driver win.  

Race safe, race clean, race hard!

[ Full reading ]

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