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Season 18 the last and final season of FM7!

Sun Dec 25, 2022 7:58 am by GTDon2

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This is it!  The last Official IFCA Season with FM7!  Season 18 of the Trans Am Masters Series!

Saturday January 21st 7pm EST Group 12a @ Laguna Seca!

FM7 has provided a lengthy service well beyond its shelf life to all of its practitioners and for good reason.  It has just enough cars and tracks and options to get it across the finish line 6 years after its release.  Season 18 will be the last season we use FM7.  It's been a good ride, but it will be time to move on when FM8 arrives in 2023.

As a trial the IFCA is going to offer sanctioned 3 man teams during this last season.  with 24 grid positions this means there can only be a maximum of 8 teams.  However, a team can comprise of more than 3 members but not less.

The team structure will be synergistic between the members of the team and the team itself, as there will be team points that then lend to individual driver points.  Help the team do well, and the drivers will also benefit as a result.  This does mean that it is to everyone's benefit to be on a team since this will open the door to gain more championship points over a single driver.  

Being on a team does not demand anything extra on the part of drivers in terms of organizing or managing.  It's mostly a matter of placement for potential points.  In other words, you don't have to do anything other than name your team, comply with the livery requirement, and drive your best.  The IFCA will handle publishing rosters and tabulating points.

Of course those teams that desire to be more than just a number and want greater success will want to communicate their strategy with one another for best effect by practicing together, sharing tunes, and not running over their teammates during the race.

In the end there will be a team championship and the individual championship to compete for.

1.) Team Points
 Teams earn a maximum of 3 team points every round,
 if every team member is able to secure a top 12 practice lap time. Doing it this way means that smaller teams can not be easily crushed by bigger teams. Or put another way, a smaller team would find it easier to grab bonus points than a bigger team.  

2.) Driver Season Points
If a team achieves their team bonus each round, team members will then individually also earn +0.50 seasonal drivers points each round.  In addition, if every team member competes in every race of the season each driver earns an additional +1.75pts at the end of the season.  Again this favors smaller teams because it is easier for a smaller team to make every race.

Group 12a Tracks
Laguna Seca 1/21/23
Bathurst 1/28/23
Nurburg GP 2/4/23
Group 12a
11970 Chevrolet Corvette 
21992 Honda NSX-R
32004 Porsche 911 GT3
42013 SRT Viper GTS
52015 Mercedes-AMG GT S
Group 6 Tracks
Road America 2/11/23
Watkins Glen Short Alt  2/18/23
Road Atlanta 2/25/23
Group 6
11967 Chevrolet Corvette 
21969 Mustang Boss 302
31970 Dodge Challenger
41995 Mustang SVT Cobra R
52002 Chevrolet Camaro SS
Season 18 Finale Track
Daytona 24hr Day 3/4/23

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Season 17 IFCA Forza Masters Nov 19th!

Mon Nov 07, 2022 8:40 am by GTDon2

Site updated with newest Season 17 information links.

Season 17 IFCA Forza Masters Nov 19th 7pm EST!

Welcome IFCA race fans and competitors to the penultimate Season 17 of the IFCA Forza Masters Challenge!

We congratulate ZAR Eries for winning Season 16 and are happy to announce that he will return to defend his championship crown this season.  The two car class format (Group 6 and Group12a) remains much the same but with fewer cars to pick from.  The IFCA ratings formula has been re-mapped with the addition of a 5th skill class (Copper), as have the formulas for Grid Modifier and Performance Bonuses.

With a more narrow selection of cars, tighter formulas, and a more linear graduation of driver skill classes, the race for the championship is sure to be the closest yet.  Everyone will be a threat to win no matter their ranking.

For all the pertinent details go to our links page here:

Track Schedule

Group 12a
1.Catalunya National -Nov 19th

2.Brands Hatch RAIN-Nov 26th

3.Sonoma Short -Dec 3rd

Group 6
4.Homestead Road -Dec 10th

5.Hockenheimring -Dec 17th

6.Indy GP Classic -Jan 7th

7.VIR Full -Jan 14th

Per member request we have published the IFCA Mission Statement here: 

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Season 16 IFCA Forza Masters!

Wed Aug 10, 2022 11:16 am by GTDon2

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It is with great excitement that we bring you yet another innovative season of what has become one of the more competitive racing formats in IFCA history, The Forza Masters Challenge!

This season the single driver championship format has been modified in several ways to address the inherent inequality between the older Group 6 cars vs the newer Group 12a cars within the S-Class that we place these cars.  Forza 7 lacks the fine grain differences to suitably balance these cars like their real-life counterparts in the SVRA to the degree that we require here at the IFCA. 

So rather than having only about 50% of the cars in play and roughly equal depending on the track selection, we are creating a situation where 100% of the 50 car roaster can be equally in play.  How?  By dividing all 50 cars up not by year, but by natural performance.  Every car leans in the direction of being either a handling car or a speed car.  By filtering all the cars into their preferred performance categories, handling vs speed, each car becomes far more equal within their respective group.  

To take advantage of this natural equality, we are dividing the season into 2 parts.  The first half of Season 16 will be with the 25 speed cars of Group 6, and the second half will be with the 25 handling cars of Group 12a.  This means that you will need to pick 2 cars for the season one from each group. One Group 6 car for the first 3 races, and one Group 12a car for the second 3 races. Then there will be a 7th and final race where you are allowed to use either one of the two regular season cars you used, for the finale.

This new approach will do several things at once.  It will force everyone to compete in the same kind of cars; cars that will be more naturally equal.  It will negate the mistake of picking the wrong kind of cars, so that you are not in a speed car when you should be in a handling car for example.  With less chance of making a poor car selection, your selection process becomes easier and less critical because of this.  Also the diversity of cars on the grid remains and you are not limited to only 1 car for the whole entire season.

When we marry this new more equal format to the existing IFCA ratings and rankings formula, where slower drivers are offered faster builds, you can clearly see things tightening up.  Adding to this is a new feature or layer we've been working on that ZAR Eries has invented to help incentivize everyone to always perform at their very best at all times.  Not to go too deeply into it, it is a way to reward drivers based on the average practice leaderboard time vs qualifying times, that produces a ratio to determine whether you are performing at your best or not.

Season 16 Track Schedule

Group 6 (speed cars)
1.) Monza Full Sept 17th
2.) Silverstone GP Sept 24th
3.) Daytona 24hr Night Oct 8th

Group 12a (handling cars)
4.) Alps Club Reverse Oct 15th
5.) Long Beach Full Oct 22nd
6.) Watkins Glen Full Oct 29th

7.) Sebring Full Nov 5thth

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